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7 Ways To Get A US Green Card in 2024

There are primarily two methods to apply for a green card permanent resident status. If they satisfy specific requirements, foreign nationals may be qualified to apply from within the United States through a procedure known as adjustment of status. However, the bulk of foreign people who apply at a U.S. embassy or consulate does so from outside the country. Consular processing is what this is.

The application process for an immigrant visa (green card) for consular processing. Before you can begin, you must first determine whether you have a qualifying relationship to apply for a green card through the family. Only specific relatives of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents are eligible.

1. Create a Support Affidavit.

Almost all immigrants who are based on family must demonstrate that they won’t be a burden on the public. As a result, they need a financial sponsor who agrees to take on financial accountability for the person filing for a green card. Affidavit of Support Form I-864 must be completed by the petitioner and submitted with any necessary supporting materials. 

A joint sponsor may also file an I-864 affidavit on behalf of an intended immigrant if the petitioning petitioner does not match the standards. Read about financial sponsors for family-based green cards for additional details on the I-864’s criteria for income.

 By submitting Form I-864, the petitioner (including any joint sponsors) declares their commitment to using their resources to help the primary immigrant and any dependents (s). The entity delivering the benefit “must request reimbursement” from the I-864 signature if the immigrants receive any designated federal, state, or local means-tested public assistance.

Because the parties cannot submit a properly completed Form I-864 and pertinent supporting documentation, many cases involving consular processing are severely delayed (or finally refused). Customers of CitizenPath receive a properly completed Form I-864 along with a clear list of specific filing instructions that cover all necessary supporting documentation. Find out more about CitizenPath’s form I-864 preparation service.

Immediate Relatives – These visas are granted to those who have a close familial link with a US citizen, such as a spouse, kid, or parent. Processing is completed quickly, usually within a year or two; Processing takes longer, usually years or decades.

2. Invest Your Way In Currently

The EB-5 direct investor program allows investor immigrants to get green cards by making investments of as little as $500,000 in their companies, provided that these investments result in the creation of ten new employment. This chance is transient and is most likely to expire before the end of the year, at which point the needed sum will probably increase to $ 900,000 as it did previously. This program’s regional center variant is now closed and waiting for Congress to reopen it.

3. Getting a green card via “transferring your way in” is highly sought. 

This is a fantastic approach to acquiring a labor certification since one is not necessary. The petitioner, a legal entity having a qualifying connection to the organization that hired you overseas, must have been in operation in the United States for at least a year.

4. The intended immigrant must get a medical checkup before the interview.

 The exam must be performed by an embassy-approved doctor, commonly known as the Panel Physician. Exams performed by other physicians will not be accepted by consular officials. Do not open any envelopes given to you by the doctor.

5. In Work Your Way 

Choose between applying for an EB-2 extraordinary worker green card based on a national interest waiver or applying for an H1B work visa and then obtaining a green card through labor certification as explained in the student example.

If their employer will submit an application for labor certification and then sponsor them for a green card, H-1B applicants who provide services in a specialty occupation, services of exceptional merit and ability related to a Department of Defense cooperative research and development project, or services as a fashion model of distinguished merit or ability may eventually be granted green cards. Again,

In most H1B instances, this difficult process begins with a lottery and has a yearly cap on the number of applicants. However, there is no numerical restriction if the position is tied to a college, a nonprofit associated with a college, a nonprofit or 

U.S. government research institution, or an organization that demands the H-1B employee work at one of these first three types of businesses. However, because of its complexity, the H1-B visa path is the least preferred option to get a green card.

With an EB-2 application, you may apply for a green card on your own without needing a work offer. Additionally, you must satisfy the requirements for the national interest waiver, which states that the planned endeavor must have both significant value and national significance. If they are given employment in such professions, certain nurses and physiotherapists can choose this path to a green card without needing to earn a labor certification.

6. Break Through to the Top

Follow in the footsteps of accomplished individuals who can obtain green cards abroad, such as Drake or Ryan Renolds. These often feature people who have attained the pinnacle of their field or vocation or have received internationally renowned honors like an Oscar, Grammy, or Pulitzer Prize. Such candidates with outstanding abilities are often well-known figures in their industry.

7. Gain Admission

Apply for a green card through the yearly Diversity Green Card Lottery, which selects 55,000 candidates to submit applications to immigrate to the United States. These candidates are from nations that are underrepresented among immigrants to the United States, such as Estonia, Fiji, or Ukraine.

If a candidate doesn’t fit into any of these categories, their spouse could occasionally be able to provide the necessary qualifications. In any case, the applicant’s close relatives also receive green cards during the procedure. The descriptions provided above are quite generic, therefore every choice should be further studied to determine all the specifics.

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